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Shineed at 2017 China Winter Sport Show in Beijing

Time:2017-09-30 11:18:10  |  浏览次数:808  |  分类:Company News

The 2017 China Winter Sport Show was held in China National Conventional Centre, Beijing  from 9.7~9.10.  On the show, our "Pearl Dry Skiing" and Synthetic Ice Rink has won great reputation and a lot of attention. 

The dry skiing slope surface is covered with countless plastic balls which have luster and bright glossiness, looking like pearls. This is not enough,  what will amazes you is that there are numerous micro balls on every big pearl ball, you have to use a magnifying glass to see it. It is our proprietary intellectual property rights. The ski board or snow board will touch the slope by point-to-point contact instead of surface –to-surface contact. Minimum touching area means least force of friction, highest lubrication & minimum wear.

Comparing with other similar products at home and abroad, Shineed synthetic ice has superb advantages of self-lubricating capability, it is more than 95% similar to real ice. You don’t have to need any liquid glide enhancer to attain smooth gliding effect.

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