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Shineed Pearl Dry Ski Carpet

Time:2018-12-06 10:19:07  |  浏览次数:1539  |  分类:Company News


The slope surface is covered with numerous milky plastic balls which have luster and bright glossiness, glowing like pearls. Pearl balls material is a mysterious self-lubrication, self-clean, anti abrasion, UV resistant, anti dust and staining resistant engineering plastic. When in the night, under the floodlight, shining “pearls” spread all over the slope, presenting a picture of dreamscape. Pearls are flushed constantly by rain or sprinkling water in operating project, they can stay in cream white color during the whole lifetime. There are no worries of grass spreading because interlock Al-alloy bases has prevented seeds from rooting, let alone mildewing. Bald strips can be replaced quickly and easily. The slope is always showing a nature snow appearance.


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