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Rainbow dry tubing slopes

Time:2018-12-07 13:22:25  |  浏览次数:1670  |  分类:Company News

In May, 2018, our R&D Dept. developed a new type of dry tubing slope, it is the most advanced type at home and abroad, we own the proprietary intellectual property. This type dry tubing slope breaks through the seasonal, geographical, and site restrictions, allowing people to enjoy the fun of the thrilling speed in any scene or in any season. It is extremely popular in dry skiing parks, amusement parks, recreation shopping malls, scenic spots etc. It consists of sliding floors and guard boards, both are “S” shape. Different from other dry slopes, Shineed slopes own rich colors and elegant appearance, presenting like a rainbow. Floors surface are spread with bumps whose top end are half ball shape, less friction enabling snow tubes to reach an exciting speed. Both the rainbow-like visual and wonderful sliding effect will offer new recreation experience to customers, creating bright spot for your place.

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